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Your Booking Questions Answered

What is the procedure for making a booking?
The first thing to do is to phone or Email and tell the band when and where the event is to be, what kind of event it is, and approximate timings if you have them. You will be given a quote based on this straight away. If you haven't seen ThingumaJig before, or been recommended by a friend, you may want to ask for a demo CD at this stage. Once you are sure you want to book, the agreement is made on the phone, or by Email, the date goes in the band's diary at this point, and you will be sent a booking confirmation form to sign and return. A few days before the event the band will contact you to make sure everything is still on course, and to check last minute details. No deposit is required in advance, and payment is made at half time of the event usually.

How long will the band play for?
A normal event lasts perhaps 3 hours with a half hour break in the middle. This is usually enough for most people, but we will be happy to perform longer if needed. We can play background music before the dancing starts if needed, and we have tunes and plenty of well known songs for the breaks in the dancing.

How much will it cost me?
The cost varies from 750 to 900 normally. We will give you a definite price when you contact us. We will base our quote around our standard package of 5 people at 750. The price may be lower if it is for a charitable event, and higher if you want us to play for longer than usual, or you are outside of our easy drive-to area south of London. We don't charge a deposit if you book direct with us. Once we have your signed confirmation form, all you have to do is pay us during the event.

What do we need to provide for the band?
We need a minimum stage/performing area of about 12ft wide by 10 feet deep and one 13 amp power point (2 is nicer) and a small table and 5 chairs (armless). If there are windows behind the band it is better if they are curtained off to avoid sound problems. A dance floor is not strictly neccessary but it does really help. A hard wooden surface is best, and rush matting in a marquee is probably worst! At the end of the day, we can work with what you give us within reason.We also need a small amount of food and drink. We are often away from home for many hours, and a couple of drinks each, and anything in the way of food from sandwiches to whatever your guests are having will be much appreciated.

What would happen if nobody wants to dance?
You don't need to worry about this, we will encourage everyone to join in, and it is always successful. We don't just offer ceilidh dances either, if you are in the mood we will have a couple of line dancing sessions, which will appeal to a different part of your crowd, and waltzes and couple dances are there too if that is what you fancy.
There will be occasional breaks between the dances while people get their breath back, and we have good entertainment for you all the way through these breaks. We will sing songs and play tunes for you to listen to. During the band's break we can play CDs, Ipod or other mp3 for background music, either ours or your own if you wish.

Can we have our own music for the first wedding dance?
If you are booking us to play on your wedding day, and you want a formal first dance (which we do recommend as it is a great moment in your day) we can play any music you provide on CD, Ipod or other mp3 or we can play one of our tried and tested first waltzes which are ideal for the occasion. And don't worry, you don't need to be a great dancer, no one will mind if you just shuffle around!

Is is OK to book a disco as well?
Many people are worried that some of their guests will not be willing to dance in the Ceilidh, so they provide a disco too to make sure everyone is happy. In our experience this is not usually neccessary, we often come to the end of our set with the floor heaving with dancers, only to see it deserted afterwards when the disco starts. Other times I am sure it can work. Either way, you know your guests best, and we are happy to work with a DJ, so long as the disco starts after we finish. Alternatively we often play a compilation CD provided by the client during our break, which may be all you need. Also we can play your own disco music for you through our PA system after the ceilidh has finished. This costs 80 per hour and is charged separately from the Ceilidh.

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