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"What a great band,
where did you find them?"

Whether the music is for a wedding, a birthday party or any other function, we believe it is important that the band is responsive to the needs of the occasion. We take care to listen carefully to the requirements of the people we play for, and many write to us afterwards to let us know how much they enjoyed it.

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Ceilidh band
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Press reviews of our Ceilidh Party CD

Sing Out! (USA)
"British folk band Blackthorn vets Pete and Mannie McClelland join here with numerous players, dancers, and callers who were finalists in the BBC 2 Young Folk Awards contest. This album is devoted to dance, and contains instructions for jigs, hornpipes, waltzes, squares, reels and polkas. Even if you are among the two-left-feet crowd, you'll enjoy the energy and superb musicianship of this album"

Dirty Linen (USA)
"Music for informal traditional dancing is also the speciality of English sextet ThingumaJig, a good time dance band whose CD Ceilidh Party provides just about everything necessary to stage an Anglo-Celtic ceilidh in your living room - not just the music, but a booklet that includes dance instructions as well. The sextet's sound emphasises flute and whistle with assorted combinations of squeezebox, fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. The disc has a simply produced live sound on uptempo sets of reels, jigs, polkas, marches and a waltz."

"The playing is spirited, with plenty of bounce and energy; best enjoyed, I find, when played loud. The percussion does its job well, driving the tunes along, without being an end in itself. Once the tunes are established, then there's time for the occasional bit of cross rhythm for that injection of energy. ...ThingumaJig fare well on several criteria. ....the album is fun to listen to, the music gives a good impression of the group's strength as a dance band, and there's lots of useful information to get beginners started on dancing."

"... I surprised myself in enjoying the CD. For the most part, this is not listening music, but, as the warning states on the cover, needs to be danced to and would certainly be useful for calling to pre-recorded music. .... The band play music from all over the British Isles and the Celtic influence is quite strong. The majority are well known dance tunes with some unusual variations and indeed do make you want to dance about."

Folknews Kernow
“Goody another dance CD. This is the second of Hobgoblin's CDs, and is as fascinating as the first. The band plays traditional tunes at danceable lengths and speeds, so the CD is perfect for dance-clubs and dance-parties. These acoustic six don’t overdub yet mix perfectly and play it seems to me, with smiles on their faces. Nip down to Hobs and get one”

Shreds & Patches
"... a few of the tracks did have me hopping around in the front room ...The musical styles range from "Irish session" through English, Scots to "Pogues Irish" ... there is a good selection of circle, long ways, and square dances , Rocky II, Eightsome Reel, Mountain Road, Random Notes, Cock-a-Leekie, Summer Set, ThingumaJigs, and Over the Hill are all good sets, played well, and suit the dances. ... The lovely Tommy Bhetty's Waltz is the best track on the CD, with some beautiful flute playing to go with the circle waltz. ... Altogether a good idea by a good band of musicians.."

Fiddle On
"ThingumaJig has been around since 1998, and it shows in the precision of their playing. All the notes are there (and in the right order); speeds are nicely judged; some - but not too many - liberties are taken with rhythm and harmony. ...it works as listening music, even for a hoary old folky like me, and on that basis I enjoyed many of the tunes, especially their version of 'Cooleys'."

Surrey Folk News
"The CD contains all the familiar dance tunes like "Cock of the North", "Galopede", "Foxhunter's Jig", and John Ryan's Polka" collected in danceable sets. The sleeve even contains instructions for five dances if your caller is double-booked.
I'm biased but, I wanted to hear more fiddle; in the eightsome reel set the combination was perfect - Philippe's faultless flute against mandolin and Peter's fiddle. In previous tracks, the catchy and furious rhythm gives the mandolin and banjo players plenty of notes to pick, with flute or melodeon nicely balanced, but (and this is their secret) not always at the same time, producing a varied sound that makes this a delightful treat for the mere listener too."

Around Kent Folk
"It's described as anglo-celtic dance music and brief instructions for 5 dances are included. All dancers will recognise most of the tune sets - Floiwng Tide, Cock of the North, Cooley's, Salmon Tails, Rowan Tree, Rocky Road to Dublin, Whiskey in the Jar and New Rigged Ship. all played to a high standard - exciting and easy listening to non dancers. Be warned - the cover caption says the CD may cause involuntary physical movement. It is very difficult to keep still whilst listening, very infections."

"On the ThingumaJig CD... the McClellands are two and the Blackthorn trio, including Barnes are augmented to a party sound by David Sheldon, keyboards, Tom Phelan, bass guitar and Ollie Boorman on drums, plus contributions from Bob Ash on Highland pipes, Simon Southgate (also engineer) on percussion, and Lara Holding on backing vocals. Also mentioned are dancers/callers John and Liz Scholey, with this incarnation since its inception in 1998. The otherwise useful booklet omits to say which male sings the songs, but does give instructions for five dance sets and notation for a composed track so musicians can play along - a rarity. ...All tracks are fine and mostly up tempo ... with Wild Mountain Thyme the restful moment. The beauty of this album is that it's multi-purpose: for listening at home, playing along, having a party and getting familiar with the dancing, especially if you plan to hire the band. You kow these tunes even if you don't recognise the titles."

Orpington Folk Club
"There are 14 tracks, each set of tunes for a specified dance. Brief instructions for 5 of the dances is provided in the booklet. The music is bright and lively with a varied instrumentation and is easy on the ear."

Irish Dancing Magazine
"In England, Hobgoblin Music has done massive work down the years to introduce and encourage amateur musicians to have a go - buy an instrument at reasonable cost and learn some music, mostly in the folk idiom. The founders are a couple, Pete and Mannie McClelland, and they're fair testimony to the principles of Hobgoblin - Pete can play virtually every type of instrument in the shop and Mannie isn't far behind!
Their idea of heaven is not cruising the Pacific as proprietors of a very successful business, rather to be in the midst of like minded musicians playing for set dancers, Barn dancers, square dancers and all other permutations of folkies that these islands throw up.
Numerous requests for them to produce a CD have manifest themselves in this offering. In typical Hobgoblin style, it is a practical DIY tool for making 'dance'.
A booklet is available to go with the CD that explains snippets of Irish, English, Scottish and other dances, and whereas it makes no pretensions at being ‘authoritative' in this field, it is directed to 'informal social gatherings, school events, parties, weddings' and so on, to make up their own ceilidhs. Nice idea!
The music is excellent, with several folk musicians, including finalists of BBC's 'Young Folk Musician of the Year'. Interspersed with the tunes are a few songs to give the dancers a chance to get their breath back - but guys, did you have to include 'Whisky In The Jar'? Aaaargh!
This is great stuff and they're always delighted to welcome a nice reel or hornpipe dancer at any of their events, so keep practicing, young Irish Rinceoir."

ThingumaJig News and Site Info

  • 2017
    Still going strong, coming to a village hall or wedding venue near you very soon!
  • Burns Night 2017
    We are once again in the middle of having great fun performing Scottish Ceilidhs for all our regular London Burns Night clients. We're looking forward to the summer too and all the weddings in our diary.
  • Sidmouth Folkweek 2006
    ThingumaJig brought the "Round the World Dance Show" to the Ham stage on the final day of the week. Highlights included Ben Schwausch's Stepping and Black Swan Rapper and the young children from the Music with Mannie workshops.
  • The Adur Festival Ceilidh was on June 9th 2005, and was great fun - we performed our new "Round the World Dance Show" for the first time. We put on the dance show again at Crawley Folk Festival on June 25th and the dancers seemed to dance with even more enthusiasm than usual - and the band are excited about performing the new show too.
  • Ceilidh Party album released 2003
    "Even if you are among the two-left-feet crowd, you'll enjoy the energy and superb musicianship of this album" - Sing Out! Magazine (USA) - read more reviews here Read the Ceilidh Party press release or download free tracks
  • ThingumaJig featured on BBC Radio 4's "The Wedding Band".
    The BBC followed ThingumaJig for a day during summer 2003, recording everything from the pre gig get together, the journey, the gig, and the wind down afterwards. The programme takes this day as its theme and weaves in comments and clips of other musicians. It was a good programme, since repeated, and rated pick of the day in the Radio Times.
  • 2019
    Hi Pete. "Just a brief note to thank Thingumajig for another excellent evenings music and dancing. The feedback from the evening.. was all positive. Lots of compliments all round"

    "Dan and I would like to send our thanks for helping our wedding run smoothly. We both had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

    Hi Pete. "Thank you for yet another excellent evening's music. Sorry not to say goodbye. Time just flies when you are having fun. Could you reserve us Saturday 25th January 2020 for next year's event. Thanks to your liaison. I estimate we enjoyed about ninety minutes dancing this year, lots of positive feedback! Regards to you all."

    "I had a ball, a fantastic night. Thank you, and please pass on my thanks to the rest of the band."

    2018"Dear Pete
    "the last guests have just left ... Thank you so much for an amasing time !!!! Great fun was had by all !!! So pleased we managed to dance like planned in the garden towards the end of the evening. Please apologise to the caller, not sure he ever got his Earl Grey tea ....Thank you to you all !!!!"

    2018"Hi Pete,
    "Many thanks to Thingumajig for another very enjoyable evening of entertaining music and dance. Popular as ever!"

    2017"Hi Pete
    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for playing at our wedding. You certainly got everyone up and dancing. Everyone had an amazing time and are still talking about it 3 months later! I certainly have fond memories of the arch way and you following behind us playing the fiddle, absolutely fabulous and memorable."

    2017"Hi Pete and band
    Thank you so much for playing wonderful music and singing to our 50th party. The instructions were fabulous and all our guests loved the atmosphere at Copsale. Thank you again. Best wishes"

    2017"Hi Pete,
    Just to say a huge thank you for making our party! We had such a great time. So much so that the 'youngsters' want to go to Cecil Sharp when Liz is calling there!! Success all round...."

    2016"Hi Pete,
    Many thanks to Thingumajig who were fab and made the evening such a lively inclusive and enjoyable celebration! Best wishes for 2017."

    2016"Dear Pete,
    Thank you so much to Thingumajig for last night. We all had a fantastic time, especially the children. I have received many emails today saying how much fun everyone had. I am sure we will see you again for another event another time. Happy new year to you all." "Yes they were fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend them. The chap's name is Pete McClelland and the band is called ThingumaJig. I have a feeling they specialise more in Irish formation dancing but they seemed to do a bit of everything and we all had a great time."

    2016"Hi Pete,
    Thank you for a great evenings entertainment again, the dancing as popular as ever! Can we reserve 28th. January 2017 please?"

    Sep 2015"Hi Pete,
    Now that the dust has settled after the wedding and honeymoon, Louise and I just wanted to send you a big thank you for playing at our wedding. Everybody really enjoyed the ceilidh which was a first for many. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know looking for a band :-) Many thanks again,"

    2015"Hi Pete,
    You performed at my friends' wedding on the Suffolk borders a couple of years ago. We were very impressed, particularly with the mix of Irish and English country dancing."

    2015"Hi Pete,
    Thanks for coming, everyone had a great time!"

    2015"Dear Pete,
    We had a great time and appreciated your part in the success of the evening. Thingumajig provided us with a really excellent barn dance. They arrived well in time, were friendly and accommodating in every respect and both played and sang well. I would not hesitate to use them again."
    And verbally: "You are not Jewish are you? That was the best performance of Hava Nagila I've heard!"

    2015"Hi Pete,
    Thanks so much for the ceilidh! I loved it, even if it was a struggle to dance in my wedding dress, and I think the guests enjoyed it too! Thanks so much to all the band - glad everyone got paid! Best wishes,""

    2015"Dear Pete,
    Many thanks to you and Thingumajig for coming to play - the day was absolutely awesome.""

    "Last year's [well known ceilidh] band cost a fortune and you were ten times better! Can we book you again for next year?" "What an amazing night of entertainment you and your team produced. I cannot thank you enough"

    2014"Hi Pete,
    ..everyone commented how brilliant the band was. Thank you for being flexible on the night and we hope to do something with you again at some point before too long. Thanks again"

    2014"Hi David,
    Brilliant last night - thank you. Everybody had a wonderful time. Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the band. Warm regards"

    2014"Hi Pete,
    Thank you to all of you who make up Thingumajig for another fantastic evenings music and dancing, much appreciated. Dance caller popular as ever. Thanks also for being so understanding about the late change of venue. It seemed to work out okay. I have received several compliments about the whole evening. Hope you managed to get sufficient refreshments. Can we reserve Thingumajig for Saturday 24th January 2015 when we should be back at Vine Hall. All the best to you all for a musically successful and enjoyable year."

    2013"Hi Pete,
    Thank you for playing at our charity Barn Dance on Friday in Balls Cross. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we made a massive profit of £2,094 which is amazing. Due to popular demand we may be foolish enough to put the Barn Dance on as annual event to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. ... My husband suffers with this illness so it's very much close to our hearts. Many thanks, and please pass on our massive thanks to your band members for such a fab evening."

    "Wow, what a night! Thank you so much for being the perfect band! Everyone is buzzing today, and only a few blisters! Hope you got back safely."

    2013"Hi Pete
    What a night! All our family and friends had a great time and I just wanted to thank you the band and John the caller for playing at our 25th anniversary. We had all ages up and dancing and my favourite memory is my mum getting her willow stripping completely mixed up!"

    2013"Hi Pete,
    Just back from honeymoon and wanted to say how impressed everyone was with the band! It was great fun, and the ceilidh dancing was enjoyed by all the family, everyone loved it and it made for a very special evening. Thanks for your professionalism throughout, too - we'd be happy to recommend you to anyone!"

    2013"Dear Pete and all the band
    Thank you so much for last Saturday night. We had a fantastic evening and so did all our friends. It was a night to remember forever. We loved the dancing and listening to your wonderful music. There is lots of talk about doing another one! Maybe I can persuade my children’s school to do one as a fund raiser. The photographer has some lovely photos of you all playing which I will email on later today. Many thanks"

    2013"Hi Pete.
    Thankyou for another excellent evenings entertainment. Voted one of the best from all those I have heard from, especially mentioned was the excellence of the dance caller! I agree that the lower numbers contributed to the better dance conditions. Sound levels also great. Would appreciate a reservation for Saturday 25th January 2014. Again thanks very much for your professional expertise and liason all of which makes for a super evening. Please pass our appreciation to your colleagues. Sincerely."

    2013To our agents Planned 2 Perfection,
    We had a great night and yes we managed to get the speeches to run more on time and gained more dance time. The music was fantastic and the caller was very good, all the guests loved the dancing and it really is a great way to finish an evening, Kind regards"

    2012"Pete, Merv,
    Just wanted to thank you and the band for making the evening celebration of the wedding so enjoyable for everyone. Everyone we've spoken to since the day has spoken of how much they loved the band and dancing! Sorry for the slightly cramped room for the ceilidh but hadn't expected that many people to join in for the first few dances! All the best,"

    2012"Hi Pete,
    Sorry for the delay in replying to you... I'm still recovering, from exhaustion mainly... and a wee bit of a hangover;-D. Neil and I had an absolute blast and couldn't have wished for a better day! You, Mannie and the rest of band were the absolute icing on the cake... everyone enjoyed themselves immensely... facebook has been buzzing about it all week... the dancefloor was always full... and if we could've carried on well into the wee hours we would've of! We are so grateful that you agreed to come out that far to entertain all our friends and family on our big day.... we'll never forget it. We will of course be recommending you to everyone for any future weddings and parties. Thanks for your well wishes also... we couldn't have asked for a better day and such wonderful memories to officially start our married life! Thanks a million once again."

    2012"Dear Pete,
    Matt and I have returned from our honeymoon now (which was brilliant!), and would like to thank you and the rest of Thingamajig for putting on such a superb ceilidh for us. We really enjoyed it, and I'm hoping to have more luck dragging my Swiss colleagues along to contra dances, now they've seen how much fun it can be! Thank you also for the dances that my wheelchair-bound auntie Sandra could join in with- she really loved being able to take part! .... I've attached an invitation for our online photo gallery, so you can have a look at all the happy dancers if you'd like! Thank you again,"

    2012"To Pete, Liz, John and ThingumaJig,
    Thank you for playing at our wedding on Saturday.. We really enjoyed the music and the dancing, it really helped to make our day. John, thank you for your tireless efforts in teaching/instructing us and our guests, I imagine we were not the easiest to work with. Liz, thanks you for our lessons. We know you had your work cut out for you, but we enjoyed it and eventually feel we had it sorted! Thank you."

    2012"Hi folks,
    I just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for being so kind and helpful at the gig at the Wedding ... at Smarden last Saturday when I attempted to deliver the few words that I'd written for them. I was, as you may have gathered, scared to death and I think that in future I'll stick to speaking rather than singing, but it seemed like a good idea when I was writing it! It was a wonderful day, rounded off by a brilliant evening's dancing - I missed a bit of it when holding my sleeping granddaughter but it still sounded good from the foyer. Lovely to meet you and to hear your excellent band; may you continue to go from strength to strength! With all good wishes,"

    2012"Hi Pete
    Thank you so much for a really wonderful set. Everyone was talking about it afterwards, and the calling in franglais was absolutely brilliant. We were really touched that you went to such lengths to include our French guests, and their enthusiasm to dance was in very large part down to you. I'm looking forward to seeing which bits our photographer managed to capture. With best wishes from France,"

    2012"Dear Thingumajig
    We wanted to thank you all for your fantastic performance at our wedding in the Hilliers Gardens in June. We loved having a special dance just for us, what a fantastic start to our evening! I think it almost goes without saying that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely! We had so many people come up to us and comment on how much they enjoyed the music and dancing. Pretty much everyone was new to ceilidh yet we've never been to a wedding with so many people on the dance floor. And that was down to it sounding fantastic and looking so fun, the caller was excellent at leading us and not pushy at all. Friends and relatives of all ages got up and joined in, all laughing and smiling, and so many of whom I'd never seen dance before! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you guys, you were brilliant. Thanks again."

    2012"Hi Pete
    ..just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the band! You were great and we are so pleased we booked you - it was marvellous to see so many people dancing. I am so sorry things over ran a bit, and we are grateful that you stayed a bit longer than intended. Thank you also for fitting into the marquee and making the most of the space we had. ..... wanted to send his apologies also for not getting a chance to thank you on the day - he never dances and it was brilliant to see him on the dancefloor! Many thanks again and best wishes to you all!"

    2012"Dear Pete
    Please forgive me for not getting back to you sooner but it has been a very busy time here in the parish! Lots of exciting things going on! I wanted to say thank you to all of you for helping to make our Jubilee Ceilidh such an enormous success. The music sounded fabulous and the caller managed to get so many people - young and old - up and involved with the dancing. So many people have commented on how much they enjoyed the evening. Please pass on our thanks to all the band. Maybe we will have the pleasure of working on another event together in the future. God bless,"

    2012"Dear Pete
    You played at (my daughter's) marriage celebration at East Grinstead last Saturday. I can't take any credit for that, because they organised it, but I do want to thank you for the brilliant dimension you brought to the event. Luckily I captured a few minutes of video, and you only need to glimpse that to see how everyone was enjoying themselves, young and old. I'm sure you know that anyway because it's all happening in front of you, and you must see it every time you play. Wonderful! Fun! Thank you so much to you all. Best wishes,"

    2012"Hi Pete
    Just wanted to say a quick thank you to you guys for the ceilidh. Everyone had a really good time and Liz is such a great caller, we have a few nice photos of you guys if you'd like them? ... Once again thanks very much"

    January 2012 from our agent
    "Thanks very much for last night at the Landmark, very happy client."

    2012"Hi Pete
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to write to thank you all for the fantastic evening I had last Saturday... I had a blast and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. People were talking about it all week and saying what a fantastic band you were. I have given out some of the leaflets that you gave to my husband. Is there a way that I can leave feedback on your website or do I just write a review and mail it to you? Again, many, many thanks. You made turning 50 a wonderful experience."

    September 2011"Dear Thingumajig,
    What a phenomenal success. Thank you so much for playing at our wedding on the 30th September. You were an absolute triumph and we've had so many of our guests talk about how magnificent the band was. I guess the fact everyone was on the dance floor and the deafening applause you received at the end of the night will hopefully prove how much everyone LOVED the music. Special mention must also go to the incredible caller we had - he worked his socks off and charmed everyone on to the dance floor. Even my Dad...who had previously said he wouldn't dance!!! If you got him up...that must indicate how amazing you all are. It has been a joy and a pleasure working with you and I would wholly recommend anyone reading this and thinking about employing you guys...to snap you up! I look forward to you playing at our 5th, 10th, 15th etc wedding anniversaries! Thanks so much."

    September 2011What a night!! You and the band made it really special - everyone had a super time thank you."

    July 2011"Hi Pete
    Well - the party excelled all my expectations, partly because I have great (if a little strange!) friends but mostly because your band was excellent! Thank you so very much, please pass on my thanks to the rest of your band, it would not have been the same with out you all! I hope your journey home was uneventful and safe. Until the next time! Kind regards"

    June 2011"Dear Pete
    We wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the whole band for the fantastic set you played at our wedding.. The ceilidh was a huge success - we we loved it and have lost count of the number of people who told us how much fun they had learning the moves and then getting stuck in with so much gusto! Many, many thanks again." and "You guys were absolutely brilliant huge thanks"!

    January 2011 to our agents Planned 2 Perfection
    "Yes, it went really well last night thank you - much fun was had by all! The band was really good and we had a higher percentage of people dancing than normal which is great. Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to the band too. Kind regards"

    January 2011 "It was a fun night again last night, the staff really love the dancing - lets just hope next week's event goes as well - only its going to a lot more crowded!"

    "blow the extra cost ;o)) You guys are worth it!"

    June 2010 "Hi Pete
    It was wonderful! Thank you all so very much. We could not have asked for more. Anytime anyone wants some reassurance about who they are booking, I'm very happy to relate our experience to them! ...There is another party in NZ in February - Andrew's dad is set on trying to get a ceilidh band!!!!! Hope he does but bet they won't be quite as good!! Our bestest wishes to you all."

    June 2010 "Dear Pete and all of the band,
    Ross and I, and our parents, would like to thank you for your performance at our wedding at South Lodge hotel in June. Everything was absolutely brilliant - the music, the instruction, the dancing, and I've never seen so many wedding guests with smiley faces! All our friends and family joined in for at least one of the dances, and the variety of different dances was great too, they were infectious! The spontaneous dancing at the end just proved how successful you were at providing excellent entertainment. And afterwards, we all wanted more!! We will have no trouble recommending you to anyone who wants to have fantastic fun at their wedding reception. With best regards, "

    June 2010 "Hi Pete
    Just a quick note to say thanks for a great set on Thursday night. It was pretty much exactly what we wanted and everyone told us how much they enjoyed themselves (including all the children). We also appreciate the extra time you took to learn the songs we asked for and the extra effort Liz went to to get everyone enjoying the dancing and making it fun."

    April 2010 regarding an event last year"Dear Pete and ThingumaJig
    This is a very belated card to say a huge thank you for such a fantastic ceilidh at our wedding last year at Plaisterers Hall.... I was impressed how you behaved so professionally and led us in a great evening of music and dancing. So many people commented on how much fun the ceilidh was. Thank you also to Liz for her excellent and friendly (but firm and clear!) calling and for helping us to practice our first dance... Thank you again very much, have a great 2010! God Bless."

    January 2010 "Pete
    Thankyou so much for providing the music again for our event, we have received a lot of very positive feedback, many thought it the best yet; please thank your fellow musicians and caller. .... Could we reserve [the date] for next year please."

    January 2010 "Pete
    Just to say THANKS for playing for us last Friday night. Everyone had a great night, loads and loads of praise for the band. And everyone is asking for a repeat performance next year! Once again, thanks."

    January 2010
    "I spoke to Tania last Friday and she was delighted, said you guys were excellent - so thank you very much, hopefully they will repeat again next year"

    January 2010 "Hi Pete
    Thanks for another fantastic night last night. I'm really pleased to see that the guys get up to dance so much more quickly now. I'm hearing really good reports back on how the staff enjoyed themselves last night, but I'm not sure we are actually learning any of the steps yet. Maybe the whiskey makes us forget ;o)"

    December 2009 "Hi Pete
    Just wanted to touch base after our wedding on Saturday. Ivan and I have been replaying it over and over for the last couple of days and we've both said that the barn dance was our favourite part of the day. It really was absolutely fantastic - so please pass on lots of thanks to all of the players and to John
    The barn dance was absolutely brilliant - I loved it. And John did a great job. Thanks so much you really made it for us"

    November 2009 "Dear Pete
    The feedback has been 100% positive - ..we had an absolutely fantastic evening and the experience of ceilidh has left us thirsting for more. We sincerely hope that you and the other "ThingumaJig" members enjoyed being with us too."

    July 2009 "Dear Pete
    Thank you so much for the fantastic ceilidh you & the band did for our wedding... It was brilliant. Everyone really enjoyed it. It was the perfect evening for our special day. Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the band for a fantastic evening. Best Wishes."

    May 2009 "Hi Pete and all Thingumajiggers,
    Thank you so much for adding the icing to the cake of our wedding day! You were marvelous and everyone has said how you capped a perfect day. Liz has drawn compliments from everyone about how she handled our unruly mob and brought even the timid to life! The discerning musicians amongst our guests (several pros from various sides of the profession) have all said words to the effect of that it was the quality of the playing, underpinning the fun, that made it such a success. I could gush on....! I've been handing out your details and will continue to recommend you. Best of success for the rest of this year and the future and I hope our paths cross again some day. Many thanks to you all,"

    April 2009 "Dear Pete
    We just wanted to say a belated thank you for a really great evening last weekend - it was just what we were hoping for. Everybody had such fun and we have had so many compliments about the band - you may well be getting some enquiries as a result! Please pass on our thanks to the band and of course Liz for keeping everyone on the straight & narrow! The evening went far too quickly. With very best wishes"

    January 2009 "Dear Pete
    Just to say a big thank you for helping to make our dinner on 16th January a big success. I have had very positive feedback, and I'm sure the music and dancing were a major factor in everyone's enjoyment. It was a shame we didn't have time for more. ,, Many Thanks "

    January 2009" Just wanted to drop you a line to express our huge thanks for making the Burns Night such a success. I think it was obvious to anybody there that everybody enjoyed themselves and the school raised a spectacular amount which we were thrilled with. Please pass on our thanks to all the band."

    January 2009 "Dear Pete, Mannie, John, Liz and the rest of Thingumajig!
    Thank you so much for another fantastic performance at our Burns Night event on Friday. I've had some great feedback from our guests and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Thanks to John and Liz for taking control of and managing to teach such a large crowd! For many people it was their first time at a ceilidh, and it was great to see everyone getting involved and learning new dances."
    "I've come back to some lovely emails today, from guests saying how much they enjoyed the evening. This is, of course, down to you guys for the most part, for putting on such a fabulous performance!"

    January 2009 "Hi Pete,
    I just wanted to say another big thank you to you and the band for a very successful night last night. A good night was had by all. Perhaps we will see you next year?"

    December 2008 "Dear Pete,
    Just wanted to say many, many thanks for your contribution to our wedding... Although the bride was hesitant about a Ceilidh, we both really enjoyed the experience and had tradition not dictated of the bride and grooms departure, wished that it could have lasted longer. The feedback we have had from the guests has been extremely positive and the one or two Scots present have mentioned it repeatedly. We would highly recommend you to others,"

    December 2008 "Hi Pete
    Just a quick email to say thank you for making my party so enjoyable. I received many compliments from the guests and would be happy to pass on your details to anyone who was planning a similar evening. With best wishes for 2009 to you and the other members of the band,"

    November 2008 "Dear Pete
    I just wanted to thank you all again for your great performance at St Hill on Saturday. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and the band were getting lots of positive feedback (I hope that you get some other bookings out of it). We will definitely be doing more events in the future (once I have recovered from this one!) and I will be in touch. Best regards"

    September 2008 "Dear Pete (+ all of Thingumajig),
    Wow! Thank you so much for providing such excellent entertainment for our wedding reception..! Many of our guests had never danced a ceilidh before and they all said how fantastic it was - Liz was especially commented on, she is a fantastic caller. I only wish my dress hadn't have been so big so I could have joined in with strip the willow! You helped make the day extra-special! Thanks again"

    August 2008 "Hi Pete,
    Graham and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for a fabulous performance at our wedding reception. Well you certainly had a challenge with our reluctant guests but you managed to get them on the floor in the end. Without fail they all wished they'd got up earlier and had the fun that the rest of us had been having! I have passed your number around and hope it will generate some more gigs for you in the future. With our very best wishes for your continued success,

    April 2008 "Dear Pete,
    Thank you very much for a great evening at our daughter's wedding. Many people have commented on how much they enjoyed the dancing despite never having barn danced before - congratulations to the caller!"

    January 2008
    "Thank you for another tremendous evening of music, dancing and enjoyment. We always appreciate the fantastic time you give at our Burns Supper, hope to hear from you soon."

    January 2008 "Dear ThingumaJig,
    Thank you so much for a wonderful performance at our Burns Night event on Friday. Everyone looked like they were having brilliant fun and I've had lots of great feedback about the music and dancing. You did a fantastic job of teaching such a large crowd, many of whom had never been to a ceilidh before. A special thanks goes to John, for reading the 'Address to a Haggis' - the guests loved it! If we run the event again in 2009 I would love you to be involved again, so I will let you know as soon as we have set a date."

    January 2008 "Hi Pete,
    Just a quickie - thanks for a wonderful evening that night, .....Many thanks and see you again next year, I'm sure ;o))"

    January 2008 "Dear Pete, Many thanks to you and the band for your performance last Saturday at the Becket Centre (not forgetting the two callers). It all made the evening."

    December 2007 "Dear Pete
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my 60th Birthday such a wonderfully happy occasion! Sorry not to have written sooner, but the end of term was pretty hectic, and now I'm 60, it takes me longer to do things.....! I couldn't have asked for a better band, or caller, or for a friendlier group of people to come and play: it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all, and to dance to the lovely music you made. Many of my friends are musicians of one sort or another, and they were all very complimentary about your versatility and musicianship. It was also great to hear the folk songs while we were still eating - a bonus! There have been so many letters of thanks, and comments about the evening, all of which have mentioned the wonderful band, and how good the caller was at helping everyone to learn and do the dances. Please pass on my thanks to all the players, and to Liz for her skill, patience and good humour. Even the few guests who vowed they 'would not be dancing', did manage at least one dance, which was a triumph! My colleague..., comes from Vienna, and her partner is Chilean; they had no idea what a ceilidh was, but ended up joining in and having a marvellous time! The reason I wanted a ceildih was precisely because they are such sociable occasions, suitable for most age groups. I think our youngest dancer was 9, and our oldest 75, and they both loved it! Even my sons' friends in their 20s said how surprised they were at what fun the evening was - I think one or two of them had been secretly dreading it! Should I make it to 65, I hope to have another similar occasion, and you will be my first port of call! A very Happy Christmas to all of you, and I wish Thingamujig a very successful and enjoyable 2008. The pleasure you take in making music is obvious to all who hear you, and I hope you enjoyed the evening almost as much as I did! Many thanks again for providing such a happy memory,"

    October 2007 "Hi Pete
    Thankyou all so much for playing at our wedding. We had an absolutely amazing evening, and all the guests really enjoyed the ceilidh. I think everyone was dancing for most of the evening! The music was fantastic and Liz was brilliant with getting everyone through all the dances! Thanks once again."

    September 2007 "To all the members of ThingumaJig
    We'd just like to thank you for playing at our wedding... We had a wonderful time with the dancing. All of our guests seemed to enjoy it too and we had lots of positive comments about the band and the great atmosphere. Thanks for being so patient with even the most hopeless of us! Wishing you the best for the future"

    June 2007 " Hi Pete
    I wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent music you provided for our wedding. You did a fantastic job in getting so many people dancing and you managed to well and truly convert some people who had never even heard of ceilidh music beforehand. I'm sorry I didn't have manage to say thank you at the time - the whole day just flew by. Many many thanks."

    May 2007 " Hi Pete,
    I wanted to write to thank you all for helping our wedding reception go with a swing. Everyone I have spoken to thoroughly enjoyed the dancing and the music so thank you all for a marvellous evening."

    April 2007 " Pete,
    Apologies for not getting in touch since our wedding back in April, but we just wanted to thank you for providing such fantastic entertainment. Our guests LOVED it and many of our more seasoned ceilidh-ers commented that you were the best band they'd ever danced to - praise indeed from Highlanders! The whole day was amazing and far exceeded our expectations and you and your fellow band-members played a major role in making it so. Thanks again and all the very best for the future."

    January 2007 " Dear Pete,
    Thank you and ThingumaJig for yet another great evening of dancing and singing to your super music, it appears even more popular than before, 115 guests sat down this year a new record!"

    November 2006 "Pete,
    Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you very much for the excellent night of entertainment you provided on Saturday night. We have received many calls congratulating a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable evening. Please pass our thanks on to the other members of the band and especially John for his excellent calling... and patience. Many thanks again,"

    October 2006 "To everyone in ThingumaJig
    Just a quick note to say how much we and all our guests appreciated your fabulous playing at our wedding reception on Saturday. We all had a fantastic time! all the best"

    October 2006 "Dear John
    Just to let you know that our Barn Dance was an enormous success and a large part of the credit for that goes to you and your wonderful musicians. So, once again, many thanks for a fantastic evening, we haven't had so much fun for years and even if we couldn't walk next day it was worth it. Best wishes"

    October 2006 "Dear Pete
    Thank you to you and all the band for the gig that you did at Gaunts House for the International Wilderness Guides. I expect that you gathered from the response on the night that this was a huge success and people really enjoyed themselves. We have some pictures and when they come in I will let you have a copy if you would like. I will have no hesitation in using your band again and also recommend you to others."

    September 2006 "Dear ThingumaJig
    Sorry this is a bit delayed, but my husband and I just wanted to thank you all for making our 25th wedding anniversary party so special, everyone enjoyed it whether dancing or watching and most of all listening, best regards"

    September 2006 "Dear ThingumaJig
    We just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks so much to you and the band for the amazing job you did at our wedding. Everyone has said that it was the music and dancing that really made the day. It's amazing what an ice breaker it is getting everyone up to dance. It was by far an away our favourite part and really made the event something special. Please pass on our apologies to Liz for the total lack of skill - she was very patient with us and did amazingly well seeing as several guests were already feeling the effects of the free bar! We'll be recommending you to everyone. The photos are gradually finding their way towards us - we'll forward any good ones of the dancing. Many thanks,"

    June 2006 Dear ThingumaJig
    "Thank you so much for playing at our wedding... We had an absolute blast! How you managed to keep us all under control we'll never know! Everyone had such a great time, they are still talking about it! I don't think there was anyone who didn't get up and dance! Thank you so much."

    June 2006 to Function Junction agency
    "The band performed beyond expectations and got the whole crowd dancing, we were delighted, thank you very much for provding them!"

    June 2006 "Dear ThingumaJig
    We just wanted to thank you for the amazing entertainment you provided for our wedding.... You pitched the music and dancing at just the right level, ensuring everyone, from our 3 year old pageboy to our 92 year old great uncle was able to join in the fun. You were all highly professional and very approachable which made the whole evening flow beautifully. We have received endless compliments, with many people saying it was the best entertainment they have had at a wedding and we can't thank you enough for making the day so special. Once again, many thanks."
    and via our agent Function Junction
    "Everyone enjoyed the music and the band were most understanding when people were too hot to dance by playing a few instrumental breaks!, excellent, and we would highly recommend them to anyone."

    June 2006
    "I thought you guys were brill, and so did all the people who danced (and actually those who didn’t were also impressed, I think we have a few converts)."

    May 2006 "To You All at ThingumaJig,
    We would both like to thanks you all very much for playing / calling at our wedding... You were brilliant! We had mixed reactions from our guests when we informed them of our choice of a ceilidh for our evening celebration, however, those with reservations had not seen you play before as we had, and I don't think they knew what to expect. They know now! So many of our friends and families have commented that "they never dance", or at least that they never USED TO! The skill of the band members was obvious to all and the momentum that Liz brought to the event was amazing. She was brilliantly persuasive without being bossy. Although we were pretty much all novices, I was pleased at just how many people joined in and had a go. Everyone loved it, most of all us. Thank you all so much for working so hard so that we could all have such a good time."

    May 2006 "Hi Pete,
    I hope you are well. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the band for making our wedding reception so successful. So many people commented on how good the music was, and well done for getting so many people up and dancing. Hopefully I'll see you all again in the future. Many thanks once again. Kind regards,"

    April 2006 "Hi Pete,
    Just to say a massive thank you to you and the rest of the band for last night's performance. We were amazed at how many people got up and danced, but the music was irresistable and I'm not sure what the caller's power was over everyone, but it worked! We had a riot - a truly enjoyable time was had by all. Thanks again and I really hope to be booking you again some day!"

    April 2006 "Dear Pete,
    We would like to thank you all so very much for your wonderful playing at our recent wedding. So many of our guests commented on your musicianship and the great sound of the music. The ceilidh really was the icing on the cake of our lovely day. Liz worked so very hard with the calling and the band were exceptional. I think you were a particular hit also with the kids! (and, again, Liz dealt with them so kindly) Thank you all so much."

    March 2006 "Dear All,
    Thank you kindly for your support at the Slackers Charity Ceilidh in the BAC on March 25th…. by all accounts everyone seemed to have a stunning time…we drank through 454 bottles of wine, and £1000 at the bar…we raised £12500 overall (with £2000 raised from the raffle on the night)."

    January 2006 "Dear Pete,
    Thankyou to ThingumaJig for once again providing such a full and good evening's entertainment at our recent Burns supper - 'par excellence' as usual. Liz made the dancing so achievable by nearly everyone; Joe's piping was as ever vibrant and stirring, while the playing and vocals were varied, blending in so well with the total evening's programme, and really appreciated. We have had so many compliments, which is gratifying to say the least."

    January 2006 "Dear ThingumaJigs,
    You were all just great. A very big thank you to all of you and I am sorry for our rudeness in not catching all your names. Will you please make sure the thanks get through to everyone because everyone so enjoyed your music and the dancing. Both the music and the calling were brilliant. We would just like a rewind and to be able to do the dancing all over again! I hope your journeys home were easy. With a very big thank you from us all and our best wishes"
    "Dear ThingumaJig, We had a brilliant time dancing and watching all our friends and family enjoying themselves at the ceilidh. You all did a brilliant job - Thank you."

    December 2005 "Dear Pete, John and all the band,
    "Thankyou so much for the fantastic ceilidh evening that was thoroughly enjoyed by our wedding guests. We had a fabulous time and have some great memories and photos to show for the day. We will soon be putting photos on our website.. and we have some great dancing shots! Thankyou again an best wishes for future events."

    December 2005 "Dear Pete
    I have just done some filing and realised that I never posted off my letter to you and the band thanking you for such a wonderful evening for our Staff Xmas Party ..last year. Apart from a few complaints of aching feet ! everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music and entertainment you provided. It was great to see live music and entertainment in the Great Hall; we were probably not as energetic as you might have hoped, but I put that down to the Chefs providing us with too good a meal!. If its not too late, may I wish you and the Band a very Happy & Prosperous New Year, and hope it is not too long before we welcome you back."

    December 2005 to Function Junction agency
    "All of our guests commented on how good the band was and I know that many of them bought CD'S and asked for business cards. Thingamajig were excellent and got all my guests dancing (even the reluctant ones). Ten out of ten, thank you."

    September 2005 "Dear Pete
    Please pass on Brian and I's thanks to all the ThingumaJig members especially Philippe and John. John worked very hard to make sure everyone "got the hang" of the various dances. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed the music tremendously. It was great watching the youngsters dance their socks off!! "
    "Dear ThingumaJig. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so fantastic and lively. Your rendition of the 'The Pearl' was magical. Many thanks."

    September 2005 "Hi Pete
    My wife and I would like to thank you very, very much for and excellent night of entertainment. ThingumaJig more than met our expectations. Thank the extremely excellent caller for his work. His warm personality and patience with our often clumsy foot work endeared him to us all. We were also thrilled and appreciated very much the nice wee touches such as the arch for the groom and bride to leave the pub from. Your singing of familiar songs struck a nostalgic chord with those of us from the Celtic wing of the party and it was good to chat with you. The groom's family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the dancing. They had never experienced such sociability in dance before. They could not get enough of it. The younger ones were predictably sceptic at first but once they got a taste of the dances some were heard to moan when you drew to a close at the end of the night. This reaction was testimony itself to the infectious and uplifting nature of the music upon the young. On this point, the caller's (sorry, forgot his name) assertion that our UK music heritage has been buried and largely lost under the weight of the mundane pop/rap muzak of alien cultures is true. I would highly recommend you to anyone whoever asks us if we knew a good band. I'd say not a good band but a great band. Thank you once again."

    August 2005 "Dear Mr McClelland,
    Thanks you so much for the excellent playing of your band ThingumaJig at my daughter..'s wedding. When we first discussed the wedding, (she) and I both thought that a ceilidh band was what we wanted, having both attended weddings recently where there was a ceilidh, and how right we were. It was good to see everyone up, laughing and dancing, even those who can't dance, don't dance! Thanks you too for being easy and pleasant to deal with, helpful and patient. One of our guests has a daughter getting married in May. She has now decided that a ceilidh is the only way to go. At her request I have passed on your details to her."

    August 2005 "Dear Mr McClelland,
    Thank you for ending a very good wedding with a memorable performance"

    July 2005 "Dear Pete and all the members of ThingumaJig,
    We just wanted to write to say "thanks" for providing such great, fun entertainment at our wedding ... We and all our guests had a fantastic time and had such a good laugh attempting all the dances. Many of our guests commented on what an excellent band you were and how you brought such great entertainment to the evening. They wondered how we'd found such a 1st class band. We were most impressed with your caller and how he managed to get even our most reluctant dancers on to the floor (even they told us how much fun they'd had!) Our younger guests loved it too, we thought the idea of having a dance just for the children was excellent. Thank you so much for making our wedding day such an enjoyable and memorable one. We would recommend you highly to anyone thinking of having a special 'do'. "

    May 2005 "Hello Pete,
    Just wanted to send an email thanking you and everyone for the wonderful time you gave us at our wedding... Everyone thought you were all fantastic and really good fun. We have had so many positive comments about it all and I am sure it will be talked about for years to come. Your 'callers' managed something that I have never seen in my life and that was to get my father up dancing!! Once again thank you"

    May 2005 "Hi Pete,
    I just wanted to write and thank you and the band for providing us with a fantastic evening of entertainment at our Ceilidh last week. The event was a real success! Apart from one or two sore heads, and perhaps feet, the next day, it seems that all our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The dancing was superb - many thanks to Liz and John - and we all loved the live music. You are at the top of my list when it comes to recommending a live Ceilidh band. Indeed, I hope to get the opportunity to book you again in the future.

    "What a great band, where did you find them?" PS Just remembered that these very words (as seen on your website) were actually used by one of my superiors, who with his wife, was awarded a special prize for dancing just about every dance! (They were real stars). Anyway I think he took your business card for future reference, since, like all of us, he was very impressed with the quality of both music and dancing."

    May 2005 "Dear Liz,
    I just wanted to thank you and all the members of ThingumaJig for a great evening on Saturday. We were all amazed that you could get so many incompetent people dancing so coherently! We were all very impressed! A great time was had by all."

    April 2005 "Hi Pete,
    Just a quick thank you for helping make the 16th so special for us. Everyone loved the dancing, as can be seen in great evidence on the video, lovely to see so many happy faces, and that includes the band which really helped add to the party spirit. Sorry we over-ran so much with the meal and the speeches but I think you saw that coming better than I! thanks for the great send off too, please pass this on to your caller, who's name I've very rudely forgotten but did a splendid job on the night, as did you all. Thanks from 2 very happy customers."

    April 2005 "Pete,
    I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we throughly enjoyed Last nights Party and Entertainment. ThingumaJig were superb, Liz taught us the moves and we all became the entertainment, a good laugh for most of the other guests. Everyone has commented on how much they enjoyed the music and what a high standard the band were. Please pass on my thanks to all members of the band without whom the evening would not have been as enjoyable."

    March 2005 "Pete and the band,
    A big thank you for Saturday evening - it was a rip roaring success. We've had lots of great feedback and you might get some more bookings in Dorset. Special thanks to your caller - people didn't need much encouragement but they did need his patient instruction."

    January 2005 "Dear Pete,
    Thankyou to ThingumaJig for another excellent Burns Supper, voted one of the best yet and much appreciated by all present, I have received many compliments for the whole evening."

    December 2004 "To All the members of ThingumaJig,
    ..just like to say a huge thankyou for being such an important part of making our wedding so enjoyable. Your enthusiasm was clearly catching and everyone thoroughly loved the dancing - as now captured on DVD.."

    December 2004 "Dear Pete,
    I would like to thank you and the rest of the band for providing such wonderful entertainment for us last night. Many people have commented on how much they enjoyed the dancing - even though they didn't know what they were doing!"

    November 2004 "Hi Pete,
    Please thank the band for a fantastic evening, everyone that attended had a wonderful time (though I have heard of a few aching legs the next day) and it was the perfect evening that David and I had hoped for..."

    October 2004 "Dear Pete & ThingumaJig,
    Thank you so much for your entertainment at our wedding at Buxted Park. You guys were amazing - can't believe you managed to get so many people dancing - it really made the wedding such a success. I'm sure you'll be getting some more bookings. Best wishes."

    October 2004 "Pete, Just a quick note to say many thanks to you and band for a memorable Saturday night. We all really enjoyed it and as a night it went really well. ..Many thanks again."

    September 2004 "Hello Pete, just a quick email to say thank you so much for playing at our wedding on September 11th in Fareham. You were all fantastic and everyone has been calling to say what a fantastic time they had! Just watched the dvd we had made of the wedding and it's hysterical watching everyone! I hope you all enjoyed it too. Thanks again and good luck."

    August 2004 "Hi Pete
    Just a quick mail to say thanks so much for a wonderful performance from you guys on Sat night. It was a fabulous evening and you certianly had something to do with that! The song I did went down very well and several people said that you had supported me very well so thank you again. Once again thank you 100 times over for a super performance and I wish you guys well...."

    August 2004 "The ceilidh was brilliant... what more can I say. All our friends and family loved it and the dance floor just wasnt big enough. Everything went better than planned and hope to send you some photographs when I get them through! Just on my way back from honeymoon but wanted to let you know how pleased we both were and you will be highly recommended!!"

    July 2004 "Dear Pete,
    A resounding success... I have had many come up to me during and after the event who said that they never knew barn dancing would have been such fun. So successful were you, in fact, that they are now clamouring for a repeat performance next year!! And I am sure that as the word goes round we will have many more attending next year.
    There is no doubt in my mind that this was a perfect form of function for the evening as it involved everyone and spanned all ages. Please pass on my particular thanks to your callers, John and Liz, for the essential part they played in the evening's success...and their patience!!"

    May 2004 From Function Junction agency
    "The band and callers were absolutely brilliant. They made the party a fantastic success. Please pass on our thanks to them, we have never laughed so much"

    April 2004 "Dear Pete
    I'm sorry not to have been in touch sooner. We reached the end of the farewell tunnel of arms and kept on running, not stopping till we reached the Summer Isles.
    Anyhow, thanks so much to you and your fabulous band for a truly remarkable performance on our wedding at the City Gate. You were brilliant, and together with your astonishingly energetic and indefatigable caller, helped make our wedding a wonderfully memorable and genuinely joyous event.
    It was all we'd hoped for and more. The consensus is pretty much "when's the next one?", and although we're not planning to rerun the wedding, we might well call on your services in the future. If that's the case, we'll hope for the opportunity to exchange a few more words this time.
    Thanks again for helping making our day such a happy one."

    March 2004
    "Many thanks for Saturday night. You did a great job, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Thanks also for the Ashokan Farewell."

    February 2004 to Function Junction agency
    "Everyone had such a great time and thought the band were absolutely fantastic – we’d definitely have them again"

    February 2004 "Dear Pete
    Thank you so much for another wonderful evening's entertainment at our recent Burns supper. Again I have had many compliments about your music, piping & dancing coaching & demonstrations delivered by you and your colleagues of ThingumaJig. I much appreciated your friendly and professional apporach to our requirements from start to finish."

    January 2004 to Function Junction agency
    "We had a wonderful evening – the music was very good and the two callers ensured that everyone participated and that we all had a good time"

    June 2003 "PETE
    am recommending you for another wedding as you were just SO stunning at mine. EVERYONE is talking about it / you. Thanks a million"

    May 2003 to Function Junction agency
    "They were absolutely fantastic, guests were fighting to get on the dance floor to join in. We’ve had so much positive feedback."

    May 2003 "Dear Pete & the band
    A very big thank you for playing at our wedding reception. You were great! ... everyone had huge smiles on their faces."

    May 2003 "Dear Pete & the rest of ThingumaJig
    I just wanted to write and thank you for a stunning performance at our wedding reception on May 3rd. After the large lunch that people had consumed I didn't think anyone would be able to get up and dance, but your caller did a fantastic job. For a lot of our guests it was the first Ceilidh they had been to and they really enjoyed themselves....Thank you again for a fantastic evening."

    February 2003 "Hi Pete
    A big THANK YOU to you and the band for such an excellent night on Saturday. Lots of people on the night were commenting on how good you were, and on a get together with the family yesterday, we all agreed you were a lucky find. Thank you internet!! ...We will certainly be recommending you to anyone looking for a band."

    January 2003 "Dear Pete
    Firstly many thanks for the excellent & very successful Scottish ceilidh at our annual Burns supper last week. I have received many compliments, particularly with reference to ThingumaJig, their music, singing and dancing. I was very impressed with your all round programme and enthusiastic participation in our event."

    January 2003 "Dear Pete and all associated with ThingumaJig,
    Thank you very much for a wonderful evening of music and dancing. Everyone is still reliving the event today and I'm sure I've seen some "skipping" round the office!! Please send my thanks to all the band, the soloist and to John & Liz for calling and doing the dance demonstrations - it was a truly memorable evening."

    January 2003 "Dear Pete and the band
    Just to thank you all for an absolutely wonderful evening. You truly made it a wedding party to remember for us and all our guests. Everyone was so impressed with how easy and fun it was and they got to know so many of the other guests - it's a real ice breaker. We have recommended you to so many people.. Thanks you - Thank you - Thank you!!!"

    November 2002 "Pete & Co
    Thank you all so much for yesterday evening. ThingumaJig played brilliantly, the calling was exactly what we had hoped for, the timing was perfect from our point of view and we didn't stop having fun all evening. Our friends & family have offered loads of praise for you and even the die-hard "I never dance" were unstoppable by the final number."

    August 2002 to Function Junction agency
    "Thank you so much to your company for providing such a professional service. Our wedding was a wonderful day, which ran very smoothly. Our biggest thanks is for ThingumaJig, they were excellent and kept our guests up dancing the whole time, everyone complimented them on their relaxed fun attitude and felt that they were the highlight of the day. They played a wide variety of music very well and their enthusiasm kept everyone going! I will certainly be recommending your services to friends and family."

    August 2002 "Dear Rachel and Tony (of the Right Note agency)
    ..thank you for putting us in touch with ThingumaJig for our wedding.. The band were brilliant and I told them so on the night. They made what had already been a fantastic day into an experience never to be forgotten. Our guests took full advantage of the chance to make fools of themselves and were actively encouraged by the band. We have had countless messages from friends and family thanking us for letting them share the experience and I am sure that part of that was down to the band members themselves.
    Once again, thank you and please pass my regards onto the band and wish them best of luck for the future. Although I'm sure they won't need it."

    August 2002 to Function Junction agency
    "Whole evening was great, everyone got dancing and instruction was good. Band kept checking on progress of the evening to match timing: good. Singing and dancing was a great combination and would definitely recommend the band and Function Junction "

    June 2002 "Fantastic band, guaranteed to get any party going…I would recommend them to anyone."

    December 2001 "We couldn’t have asked for a more professional and friendly band. The music was excellent and the callers made sure everybody got involved! A perfect choice to end our wedding reception. We and all our guests had the most fantastic time reeling and jigging! Thank you!"
    "Thanks again for an unforgettable end to our wedding celebrations, everyone loved the music and dancing."

    July 2001 "We had a wonderful time and all our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Everyone commented on how much fun it was, and how different it was."

    June 2001 "Dear Pete
    Thank you and the rest of the ThingumaJig band for helping to make our silver wedding party such a wonderful event.... they all enjoyed the experience greatly. ...it was wonderful to see so many people all having such a good time. We were both on such a high at the end of the night that we just couldn't stop talking about the party.

    June 2001 "Dear Pete, John, Liz, and the rest of the band,
    Thank you so much for a great evening of music and fun at our 10th Anniversary party on Saturday night. Everybody thought you were brilliant, and it was great that you managed to get everybody up and taking part at some point. Many friends have asked how we managed to find you. Once again, thanks for making the evening go with a swing."

    December 2000 "Dear Rachel (of the Right Note Agency)
    I thought I would drop you a line to say how fantastic my wedding day was. You were right, ThingumaJig were a complete success and everyone loved them. One memorable moment was my brother jigging across the floor with the wife of my boss!!"
    To Pete & the band - "Thank you so much for making our reception so fabulous. You are all really talented. It was really fun."

    September 2000 "Dear All
    Thank you all so very much for making our first event go with such a swing, whenever I looked around everyone seemed to be smiling if they were dancing or just watching.."

    July 2000 "Dear ThingumaJig band
    We had a great wedding and you certainly played your part. Everyone loved the dancing and the music. Many thanks to you all - we shall recommend you."

    June 2000 "They went down a storm and I have had lots of people raving about the band since Saturday night. They really were excellent... The funniest sight had to be watching lawyers from all around Europe trying to do Irish dancing. I was nearly crying with laughter!"

    May 2000 "Dear Pete
    Thank you and your band for the terrific entertainment at our wedding reception.. We had a wonderful evening and so did all our family and friends."

    November 1999 "Dear Pete & all the Guys & Girls in the Band
    I just wanted to say, once again, a HUGE thanks to you all for making my SCOPE charity barn dance such a great evening. Everyone I have spoken to says: 'What a great band, where did you find them?"

    June 1999: "Dear Pete & Band
    Thank you so much for a fantastic evening at our wedding reception. Everyone said how different it was, and what fun. The band worked very hard and we had a great time."

    February 1999: "Dear Peter & Gang
    Many, many thanks for the great music and dancing on Saturday. I know everyone really enjoyed the party mainly thanks to your efforts..."

    December 1998 - our first gig: "Dear Pete
    We had a fantastic New Year thanks to you and the band. .....said it was the best party he has ever been to - please thank the guys and girls"